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sprite any thing on this forum and you can get help for spriting too
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PostSubject: Rules READ FIRST   Tue Oct 17, 2006 10:59 pm

My forums rules are to be followd and if you break a rule you have 3 chances to Apeal your ban if you fail to make your point on why you broke a rule you will be bannd.
the rules are
NO sexual lenguage
NO spaming the boards
NO flaming as it leads to spam
NO puting down other members work
NO sexual pictures
And NO false reports
No pesonal questions
"how old are you?"
"whats your name?"
"where do you live?"
NO bumping its not gunna do any good!

Those are the rules
I warn you to follow these rules or you could end up bannd
note if you want your rep to go up you have to report posts that you think are bad if the post is not bad or if you falsely report a forum the tides will be turnd rite on to you but how ever if you did not know what the rules are and if you break a rule the firs time you will be notified to look at the rules again but if you fail to follow the rules twice you will have 1 strike in other words 2 more chanses to follow the rules and the strike will go away if you do good (increas you rep).

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